Welcome to NoRest Cycling

– NoRest Cycling is a website for cyclists of any level. Whether you like mountain biking, stationary exercise bikes or road biking, this is the place for you. Click here for our About page.

Upcoming Events

  • 5th November 2017 – NoRest Meetup in London (details to come – watch this space!)
  • 30th January 2018 – NoRest Meetup in Manchester (details to be announced nearer the date)

Who Are We

NoRest cycling was founded by Ivan, although the team has since grown to include a range of cycling enthusiasts. We’re not snobby about your biking though – we think any type of riding is great. As long as you’re enjoying it and not getting injured, we don’t care what type of bike you’re riding!

The main goal of the site is to educate about the benefits of cycling. We think everyone could benefit from riding, regardless of your goals. Whether you want to get fit, meet new friends, compete in high-level racing or just have fun, cycling is one of the best choices.

We also want to educate about the potential dangers of cycling – especially road biking. A lot of our content is focused on injury prevention too. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to take your bike out because you’ve got a long-term tendonitis problem that could have been avoided.

This isn’t just a website though. We want to make a community around cycling. Because that’s one of the great things about biking – the people you meet. We have a list of our latest events above.

Finally, this site is for YOU – the reader. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always use the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Latest Posts:

  • How to Choose a Frame for Your Road Bike

Latest Photos

Listed below are cool cycling photos we’ve found from around the web. Some of these are taken by our team – others are owned by other websites. Where possible we provide attribution to you can find the original.

Great picture of the Tour de France
A great picture of the Tour De France – what a sight!
An old photo of a track cyclist
Now that’s what we call old-school cool!